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Warranty & Returns Information

All parts in stock have a 90-day replacement parts warranty unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

Return policy: part must be in an unaltered, re-sellable condition and in original packaging with invoice. No returns will be accepted after 30 days from invoice date. Returned parts are subject to a 25% re-stocking fee. Body panels which have been cut-to-order are not returnable.

No core returns will be accepted / returned after 30 days - no refund will be issued on cores after 30 days.

Sales Are Final

Rocco's Auto Parts have a PARTS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY ONLY - NO CASH REFUNDS ON unwanted parts, unused parts, and parts ordered incorrectly by the customer. What is on this invoice, is what was ordered by you, the customer. NO CASH REFUNDS, NO STORE CREDITS. We have only a parts replacement warranty. That means your part gets replaced if there is a problem. ALL claims must be accompanied by the PART AND THE ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT. Rocco’s Auto Parts has the right to repair or replace any part sold. Rocco’s Auto Parts will also NOT be responsible for any LABOR and/or down time involved in any part sold.

Deposits and Purchases

Understand that deposits and purchases made are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-CANCELABLE. NO STORE CREDITS ARE GIVEN. YOU CANNOT change your mind and exchange parts for parts. DEPOSITS HOLD PARTS for 14 days after which time your deposit will be used to cover company expense of shipping fees, restock fees, and employee labor costs.

Limited Warranty


Our used engines and transmissions are warranted for 90 days, under normal driving conditions. Engines are warranted against engine knock, excessive smoke and oil consumption. This Limited Warranty is void if the engine, or transmission, or rear end is disassembled before our inspection. We do NOT warrant carburetors, distributors, water pumps, fuel pumps, fuel distributors nor air mass sensors. Engines and transmissions will not be warranted if seals are not replaced at time of installation and all timing belts must be changed at the time of installation. This Warranty will be void if radiator is not cooling properly and thermostat and water pump is not replaced. The Warranty is also void if new oil and filter are not used in the installation if the oil is not changed every 3,500 miles. Any part sold which has heat tabs and is returned as "run hot" will not be warranted and any limited warranty as provided hereunder will be void. All of Rocco's Auto Parts identifying marks shall remain on any part returned by the customer. Warranty of parts is NOT transferable to any other party.

Air Bag Components

Rocco's Auto Parts is not responsible for any and all air bag parts sold, including computers, sensors, electrical elements and all modules to air bags. Rocco's Auto Parts is also not responsible for any non-deployment or malfunction of any of those parts enumerated above.


You must get prior approval from Rocco's Auto Parts prior to removing intake manifold, otherwise warranty is void.

Engines are guaranteed for 90 days against internal parts failure. No warranty on

  • seals
  • gaskets
  • water pump
  • fuel pump
  • freeze plugs
  • carburetor
  • spark plugs
  • distributor

We recommend replacing all belts & hoses and flushing radiator. Fuel injectors are not guaranteed and should be replaced. All engines are equipped with a heat tab; if the engine is over-heated, the center will melt out and the warranty will be voided. The warranty will also be void if the heat tab is removed.


Transmissions are guaranteed to work properly at the time of purchase; gears are guaranteed to be in good condition at time of purchase. Filter needs to be changed, lines need to be flushed, and OE-recommended fluids must be replaced in order for warranty to be valid. Replace radiator with new radiator or install aftermarket transmission oil cooler. TCM/Transmission computers need to have fault codes cleared and re-programmed when applicable.


Customer must purchase new A/C dryer / accumulator for warranty to be valid. Customer must provide proof of purchase of a new A/C dryer upon any warranty claim on compressor or warranty is void. Proper installation of any air conditioning component requires the following: flushing the system with solvent, vacuuming down the system, installing a new A/C dryer and proper freon and oil. These components have a 90-day guarantee. Warranty is for parts only: no labor.

The warranty requires a receipt or a work order showing the following items: A/C Orifice Tube (or A/C Expansion Valve), A/C Receiver Drier/Accumulator, and A/C System Flush

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